A Destination for Gatherings & Celebrations

At Bluejack, we create unforgettable moments and experiences for you, your family, and your colleagues. Our idyllic setting offers a unique backdrop for a wide range of events, from corporate golf tournaments to small gatherings and celebrations.

Bluejack is the perfect setting for intimate gatherings and celebrations. Whether it's a special anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a corporate event, our serene and picturesque environment provides an ideal canvas for your celebration. Our dedicated event planners will work with you to ensure every detail is perfect.

Explore Bluejack National's Event Venues

Corporate Golf Tournaments

For those seeking a corporate golf tournament experience like no other, Bluejack offers a world-class golf course ranked as Texas's finest. Whether you're planning a team-building outing or a professional tournament, our beautiful fairways and stunning surroundings will make your event truly exceptional.


The Sanctuary

Set among a graceful grove of emerging pines, The Sanctuary invokes a calm state of mind, body and heart. Unwind, heal, revive, and rejuvenate with an exceptional palette of wellness and fitness offerings, massage therapies, body and beauty treatments at The Sanctuary.


The Fort

Come explore Golf Inc.’s Amenity of the Year and Bluejack’s hub of family activity and fun. A place where families come to celebrate a living experience that is without peer. Designed as the world’s coolest hangout, The Fort offers something for every member of the family, regardless of age or interest.


The Place

The Place offers a restaurant and full-service bar featuring seasonal menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner with indoor and outdoor seating available. The expansive covered outdoor patio with a stage with panoramic views of The Playgrounds.

The Jerky Shack

Inspired by a Texas ice house, The Jerky Shack serves up savory homemade beef jerky, tri-tip and pulled pork seasoned with Bluejack’s own proprietary spices. Cool down with a Bluejack Ale or warm up by the fire with whiskey on tap or a full bar.

The Porch

Coming Soon

The Porch at Bluejack National is where the essence of our community, the spirit of Bluejack, and the art of culinary and entertaining converges to create unforgettable moments. Whether you're marking a milestone, conducting business, or simply looking to savor life's pleasures, The Porch is the place where it will all come together!


Celebrating at Bluejack National

Our events team allows our members to effortlessly enjoy the event and their guests.